CCSM Level 1 Learner Assessment

** All Level 1 Programs**

As we continue to upgrade our existing CCSM Level 1 program, we're excited to roll out our new 'Learner Assessment' tool.

The purpose of our Learner Assessment is simple. We wanted to provide our students with a way to gauge the level of knowledge that they already possessed relating to the fundamentals of Customer Success Management before they began the program so that they had a baseline to compare to when the finished the program and certified.

As educators, we always strive to conduct a needs assessment before working with learners in a live setting but struggled with achieving the same results for the online versions of our programs. With the addition of this new diagnostic assessment, we believe that we can provide our students with a relatively accurate assessment of where they stand with regards to their pre-program level of familiarity with the practices that make up the fundamentals of Customer Success management as taught in this program.

What Is A Diagnostic Assessment?

Diagnostic assessments are pretests. They usually serve as a barometer for establishing how much "pre-loaded" knowledge a student has about the topics taught in this program. The word diagnosis is defined as an analysis of the nature or condition of a situation, which is precisely how we, as educators, tend to use them.

Diagnostic tests help to tell the student how much they know and don’t know about the upcoming topics. This helps to inform the student's approach to learning and identifies the areas of the program where the learner may benefit from spending more time delving into the course materials.

You'll find the new Learner Assessment as the first course in Level 1. We hope you find it useful and share your feedback so that we can improve it!