Brazilian Portuguese Closed Captioning

Customer Success departments are growing across the globe. As we work to make Customer Success training more accessible, one of the critical challenges that we needed to address was how we could provide more support for CSMs in non-English speaking countries.

Our initial efforts in this initiative are focused on supporting the growing Customer Success community in Brazil. To that end, we now have Brazilian Portuguese ­čçž­čçĚcaptioning available for all of Certified CSM Level 1 courses.

Brazilian Portuguese CC Support .png

To activate the closed-captioned subtitles, click the CC icon on the course player and choose your desired language.

Additionally, we also now offer English language captions for the CCSM Level 1 courses to improve comprehension and support hearing impaired learners.

Captioning support for additional languages, and the remaining CCSM courses will be made available throughout the 2020 calendar year.