Certified CSM Level 3

Solo & Team Plans (except Launch).

We are thrilled to be announcing the general availability of the Certified CSM Level 3 curriculum in the Learning Platform.

Expanding on the core CSM practices learned in Level 2, our Level 3 course will enhance participants’ ability to strategically manage their portfolio of accounts and career. Level 3 focuses on giving participants the methodologies, tools and strategies that will enable them to increase their ability to operationalize their approach to serving their customers as well as the strategic advice they need to plan for the next step in their career path.

Certified CSM Level 3 covers topics including:

  • Taking A Strategic Approach to Personal Career Planning
  • Designing Your Success Engine
  • Using Segmentation To Increase Efficiency
  • Designing A Flexible Engagement Model
  • Developing Personal Playbooks
  • Leveraging Advanced Capacity Modelling
  • Building Your Personal Performance Dashboard
  • Accelerating Your Career Journey
  • Becoming An Internal Change Agent
  • Problem Solving & Decision-Making - Part 1 & 2
  • Building Your Personal Brand & Network Influence

To get started on earning your CCSM Level 3 certification, visit the CCSM Level 3 Program section of the Learning Platform.