CSM Mastermind #9 - How do I manage the change your customers are going through while they're adopting your new product?

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CSM Mastermind is a monthly, live online event that brings together CSMs from various backgrounds and industries to share their knowledge about common topics or challenges that CSMs face every day.

The next CSM Mastermind event, How do I manage the change my customers go through while they are adopting my new product?, is scheduled for January 22nd at 11am PT / 2pm ET.

Join our panelists - Lauren Hayes Brown, Customer Success Manager at Polly; Michael Salazar, Enterprise Account Manager at Sisense; and Mike Waggoner, Client Success Executive at Zendesk for a discussion on the practical ways you can manage change during new product adoption, including:

  • In your experience, what are some challenges regarding product adoption by customers?
  • How do you help ensure that clients see the large-scale vision of how the product will help their organization reach a desired outcome?
  • How can you help ensure that the product is easy to navigate for your customers and that the customer’s voice is heard by the product team?
  • What do you provide the customer to help them utilize the solution in a more effective way?
  • In your experience, what are some positive effects of building a great in-product user experience and how does that change how you approach the adoption process?
  • Can you share any of your own experiences with managing change during product adoption for one of your own customers?

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