In-Platform Purchases

As we continue to upgrade and enhance the SuccessCOACHING Learning Platform, we're excited to roll out the ability for students to take their professional development to the next level on their own with the new In-Platform Purchase feature.

The purpose of this new feature is simple. We wanted to provide our students with a way to easily purchase and proceed to the next level of certification directly from the Learning Platform without having to subscribe to the full SuccessTRAINING subscription.

If you've completed your CCSM Level 1 or CCSM Level 2 program and wish to pursue earning your next Level of Certification, now you can begin the process with a click of a button directly from the Learning Platform.

You'll find the new In-Platform Purchase feature is available for any of the CCSM Programs in which you are not currently enrolled.

Purchasing a new program is simple:

  1. Start by clicking on the 'Click To Purchase' button.
  2. Review the pricing for the program.
  3. Purchase by clicking the 'Get Started' button.

Once you finish the purchase process, you can return to the Learning Platform and start learning right away!

We look forward to seeing you take your learning to the next level!