[Updated] CCSM-109: Driving Disciplined Execution

An updated version of the course CCSM-109: Driving Disciplined Execution is now available. The course content has been updated, enhanced and clarified based on learner feedback.

The update of the course connects the dots between execution and how to apply it specifically to success planning, one of the core activities of the Customer Success Manager.

Enhancements to the course include:

  • An introduction to a new methodology for simplifying the breakdown of Success Plan milestones
  • Our new 1-3-5 Focus Canvas
  • A Scrum-based approach for succinctly ensuring that all parties involved in reaching milestone achievement are focused on the tasks they are responsible for.

The updated version of CCSM-109: Driving Disciplined Execution also features our newly updated look and feel for our learning materials. The instructor for the new version of the course is Andrew Marks.

Included in the updated version of the course are updated:

  • Learner Assessment Questions
  • Slide Handouts
  • Workbook
  • Learning Checkpoint Questions
  • Video Lessons
  • New Certification Exam Questions
  • Manager Implementation Guide